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Welcome to the Hero Academy, the place for young girls and boys to reach their full potential as heroes or villains. This school is for outstanding pupils, a place where they can make friends and become the best they can be.

Come on in, all types of people are welcome at this school!
Please make your doll with Azalea's Dolls Snow Queen Scene Maker
Founded 2 Years ago
Nov 20, 2015


Group Focus
Have fun and sharing work!

53 Members
57 Watchers
7,993 Pageviews
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Please make your character on the Azalea's Dolls - Snow Queen Scene Maker!

To join this school I need to know:
Their Name:
Their Age:
Hero or Villain?:
Their Appearance: (this will be in the picture you make)
Their power or ability: They don't have to have superpowers, they could be very good at science or something.


:fire: by zacthetoad Princess-Icicles:
Heroes - Miss Amberley Collins, Xavier Collins
Villain - Mr. Blake Midnight
Ice Beasts: Demetrius Silver, Cessair Silver, Navy Silver, Mara Silver, Ezra Perri

:blackflame: by NamelessBot :pearl bullet: by iDJPandafunnies50:
Hero - Miss Kitty, Riesse
Villain -

:bluebutterfly: by CherushiMetsumariEchoesOfAnEnigma:
Heroes - Michael Flynn, Aria Tyler, Mr. Adam Sterling
Villains - Rael Kess, Jamie Lee Lewis
Ice Beasts - Morrigan and Tiamora Sinclair
Boo! by prettypunkae Strong 'Revamp' by Twoohten Water Drop by HarlequinHues Spade Card by Emo-Girl-AlexaUchiha Psychic by Veritis Crow by Tuftsy Wyngro Ice Pixel Element by Wyngrew

Hero - Jeremy Reed
Villain - Alexandra Cross

:yellowstar: by CherushiMetsumari Chaos Emerald Blue by ZII3Arrelline:
Hero - Helios Reeves and Selenicerea Ashton
Villain - Mrs. Augusta Danvers

Heroes - Ms. Cassandra Laz, Jenny Laz
Villain - Mr. Jonathan Shift
Ice Beasts - One unnamed female and one unnamed male

Heroes - Permafrost, The Mask, and Elysia,
Ms. Rosalyn Lazzaretto
Villain - Tyler Gray

Hero -
Villain - Ava Robinson

Hero -
Villain - Cosmos

Hero: -
Villain: Lucy

Custom heart [Royal Blue] by MilkateSapphire-Roz:
Heroes - Scarlett Johnson and Bennett Clark,
Amber Zee Everest AKA Good Amber,
Raven and Cerulean Grey, Ceceus Feline Fendottir
Villain - Amber Zee Everest AKA Zee,
Jedidiah Adan Powers
Ice Beasts - Rhett TyRoy, Nikita 'Niki' Roman and Davis Roman

Hero - Serena Grey
Villain - Jade Grey

Heroes - T, A, J
Villain -

Hero - Zanica Blake
Villain - Katianna Blake

Hero - Mei Hua
Villain - Ming-Yue

Heroes - Emeric Gilbert de Clare and Natasha Phoebe de Clare
Villain - Caine Soulweaver
Ice Beast - Vazul Nieve

:moon: by Stupidfryman Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners blue heart bullet by to-much-a-thingrebelraven18:
Heroes - [L]Marissa Wills, [J]James Darren, [D]Rane Nikols, [L] Ms. Chiyo Primrose Hydel
Villains - [L]Clarissa Will, [J]Beatrice Jackson, [D]Rilen Shadows
Ice Beasts - [J]Ivan, [L]Devia

Love The Sunshine by 23linsky23 :groove: by Banjelerp Balck Pink Fire by NamelessBotRai-Knightshade:
Hero - Apollo Fabre
Villains - Mr. Andrei Beutel-Rothschild, Erebus Ayers
Neutral - Ms. Catriona Celeste

Fire-orb by kayosa-stock :Black-orb: by kayosa-stock Ultrablue Orb by kayosa-stockDarkQueen013:
Heroes - Edwin Marrow, Nathaniell M. Firewood
Villain - Samuell T. Firewood, Jasmine Lette Jackson
Neutral - Mr. James Marsch

Rose's Rose by CutieClovers :swing: by the-black-wolf-co-uk Ridin' Mah Horse by sweetbayFlyingFreedom13:
Hero - Sequoia Elisabeth Martinez, Neta Crawford, Forrest Mitchell
Villain -

Blue Rupee Icon by Crymsie whitewolfdreamer27:
Hero - Alinea Dagenhert, Thackary King
Villain - Makenzie Dagenhert
Ice Beasts - Tayzon 'Tayz' Tamarin and Lein Tamarin, Zendina 'Zendie' Lavarten and Kumara 'Kuma' Tamarin

:health: by ebonredluv2icesk8:
Hero - Selenia Kartir
Villain -
Neutral -

Gem Sapphire by HarlequinHuesfalling-lights-3127:
Hero - Zephyra Kaddon
Villain - Chang Huo Xiao
Neutral -

Hero - Nadia McFearson
Villain - Estela Harrington

.:Mini moon n star:. by Chipi-Chiu :blackbluefire: by NamelessBotMarie798:
Heroes - Celeste Stellar and Luna Stellar
Villains - Hunter Oscuro and Brice Oscuro

Heroes - Rosabel Lilyway, Scott Murdock, Nicholas Aven AKA "Midnight"
Villain - Jade Summers, Violetta Murdock
Ice Beasts - Brooklyn Rovin, Aqua Rovin, Dallas White
Pixel Rose - White version by emoticonpixel :fencer: by Chimpantalones :ghost: by 4EverYoungKid Pastelpurple-orb by kayosa-stock Werewolf Howl by Romaji

Heroes - Karen, Roxanne
Villain -

Heroes - Eileen Ponger and Jessie Pasternak,
Alison Pasternak and Jeannie Pasternak
Villains - Nancy Robinson and Susanne Wilfong

Hero - Calypso, Kalias and Colt, Kalena Starstreak, Raylia
Villain - Fartin

Hero - Arlee Nyx, Prince Nemo
Villain -
Neutral - Dr. Jamie Hamilton

Heroes - Ophelia and Kathleen Sawyer (twins), Evangeline Sawyer(mother)
Villains - Nereus and Calliope Stewart
Neutrals - Jorah Sawyer(father)

youngwolf13 :
Heroes - JoJo Wildemor
Villains -
Neutrals -

Hero: Melanie Maccarter
Villain - Marlene Maccarter
Neutral -

Heroes: Andre Smith, Autumn Smith
Villains:Deon Smith

Hero -
Villain - Amir Grant and Sama Grant

Waiting On Entries From...

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Hero -
Villain -
Neutral -

Unsure If User Is Returning...

Hero -
Villain - Marina Moon
Neutral -
Hey guys! So as you all know, I am trying to revamp this group! I love it so much and I don't want it to fade away! So as the title suggests this is the place where we will keep track of all the roommates. If your character has a roommate please tell me so I can add it to the list. If they don't please write that in the comments so you can find one

Female Rommates
Aria Tyler and Edwin Marrow
Jamie Lee Lewis and Jade Summers
Nea Dagenhert and Ava Robinson
Kenzie Dagenhert and Amber Zee Everest
Rosabel Lilyway and Luna Stellar
Violetta Murdock and Jasmine

Male Roomates
Ezra Perri and Michael Flynn
Rael Kess and Sam Firewood
Thackary King and Erebus Ayers
Scott Murdock and Apollo Fabre
Nicholas Aven and Nemo
Luke Everdeen and Kieran Williams
Xavier Collins and Forrest

Without Roommates
Mei Hua
Sequoia Martinez
Suleiman Merchant
Sama Merchant
Ophelia Sawyer
Hina Kaito
Roseanne Leon
Madeline Grundez
Pepper Frost
Eysia Prymja

Thanks in advance!

Oh and also remember to update your character's profile with which lessons they study!!
More Journal Entries








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I have an idea for a hero and villain. :) They're twin sisters, one of them is good and one of them is evil. So they're exact opposites. :D
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